Secret Project Reveal


Alright folks…it’s time for the big reveal

Coming Dec 2013

NETHERWORLD: Book I of the Hallowed Realms Trilogy

Teaser blurb:

The dead shadow my steps, beckoned by my call.  It is my curse, my destiny. 
I am a Banshee, a slave to the dying.
Aed, god of the Netherworld, has chosen me as his bride, but my heart belongs to another –  a mortal whose eyes pierce the veil between our worlds.  Our love is forbidden among the Hallowed Realms.  
With Aed, I’d be free of my curse but bound to the Netherworld for all eternity. With Devlin, I’d risk his life if my betrothed discovered my betrayal.  Can I accept my fate at Aed’s side or risk everything for love?

Follow Taryn as she struggles to find her place among the Netherworld and the Land of the Living.

NETHERWORLD promises action, romance and a smattering of really good Irish mythology!

Danielle Bannister and I will be giving out sneaky peeks in the months to come.  I’m very excited to share Taryn’s tale with all of you  🙂

Want to know the other two titles?



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