Seven Pillars of Success Interview

Hi everyone!

I thought I’d share with you an interview that I was asked to do this week.  The request came from Jamey Steigmaier, a friendship I developed over the past year through Jamey’s work with Blank Slate Press of St. Louis MO.

After following my story about the generosity of my fans in regards to the iPad donations, he asked if he could interview me.  I was thrilled 🙂

I invite you to follow the link below and get an first hand  account as to why I believe giving back goes hand in hand with success and read how amazing I think each and every one of you are!

PS: While you’re on Jamey’s site, I encourage you to take notice of the new board game that he’s in the process of printing.  He ran an amazing campaign to raise money to help fund this endeavor and received wild support.  I can’t wait to see how successful this dream will become for him 🙂

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