The Streets

Approx 1500 homeless youths and 3000 adults live in the St. Louis Metro area. Many call a 2 week shelter “home” but despite the amazing work being done by shelters across St. Louis, some people are still forced to live on the streets.

With temperatures plummeting and winter well on it’s way, the Urban Mission in St. Louis is working to provide supplies for these people in need.  As we all know, the economy has left many without jobs, lost homes and harsh times.  Parents are desperately searching for a way to raise their families, to find employment and to provide basic needs.

I, for one, had no idea the numbers were so great.  Now that I know, I can’t turn a blind eye to it.

Here is my plea-  join with me as I partner with the Urban Mission organization to provide money, non perishable items, hats and gloves.  I know times are hard across the board, but even the smallest sacrifice can change the life of a little child this winter.

I am also partnering with a newly opened homeless shelter right here in my town to help collect books to create a library for the families who are staying at Lifeboat Alliance.  My son and I went through his extensive library this weekend and selected a large pile of books to donate.  As you all know, books are near and dear to my heart so this is a calling that I gladly jumped on!

If you would like to donate an item please contact me.  I will be setting up a collection area in my office.  Personally, I plan on ransacking the 2 for $0.99 stash of kids gloves at Walmart 🙂

I also encourage you to seek out a homeless shelter in your own town or city.  Find ways that you can give back locally.  Every penny makes a difference!

Please share your thoughts

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