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I went to the library today for the first time in over 2 months.  No, seriously.  It’s been that long!

I know…I can’t believe it either!  That’s what happens when you get tied up in your own books.  I swear my ban on reading was never something I intended haha

But the good news is I found three books.

1.  I am Number Four.  Ok this one is a re-try as the first time I picked it up I really couldn’t stand the writing style.  Watched the movie again with my husband a couple nights ago and darn it there is just something off with it.  I really want to like it but I’m not there yet.  So this is my second and final attempt to read this book.

2. Struck.  I am really interested to see how this book turns out.  A lightning addict?  So cool…..and a tad similar to one of the characters I am writing for my upcoming Remnant Trilogy.  Lighting is popular 🙂

3. Insignia. This book had an amazing cover and the back blurb really caught my attention so I grabbed it and ran.  The only problem is, now that I’ve returned home, I’m not so sure this book is for me.  It’s a bit of a techothriller and that’s not normally my scene.  But who knows, it might be my favorite book of 2012.

So what are you currently reading?

Please share your thoughts

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