How Far Would You Go?

We all have our favorite authors, movie stars, singers, etc.  I know I have a handful of my all time fav authors that are on my bucket list to meet.  So to this, I pose a question…

If you heard that a panel of your fav authors were meeting, how far would you be willing to go to have your book signed by them?  Or just to tumble into a pool of drool at their feet?  haha

I am fans with several traditionally published authors on Facebook who always seem to be on the move, from one writers convention to the next, but what about the self-pubbed authors?  Wouldn’t it be nice to meet some of them too?

And to those of you who are hopefuls, the ones staying up way past midnight to sneak in a few more words to your precious novel, how far would you go to have a chance to speak personally with other authors, just like you, who have done it?

I would personally say that I would be willing to drive at least a couple states and maybe even fly.  If J.K. Rowling ever hit the USA I would be right there waving my stack of Harry Potter books at her 🙂

2 thoughts on “How Far Would You Go?

    1. Funny you should say Amy Bartol. I’m about to be introduced to her 🙂 I’ve heard she has quite a following.

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