Total Recall Review

My husband and I went out for a mini date last night to see the new Total Recall.  As I have never seen the original, I can not compare the two together.  Sorry!

But what I can do is say that it was a good movie.  I can’t say great, because it did feel a tad bit lengthy and I was aware of how uncomfortable the movie seats were.  When your backside begins to scream at you, you know the movie isn’t great.

With that being said, I enjoyed the premise of the movie.  I always LOVE Kate Beckinsale.  She is great at fierce roles.

Colin Farrell…don’t hate me ladies, but I’ve never been a huge fan.  Not sure what it is about him, but I think they could have found a better actor for the role.  But he did a pretty good job for this movie.

The special effects impressed me.  Nothing felt fake or cheap.

Overall, I enjoyed this movie.  I think it would be best seen on a big screen because some scenes have a lot going on and it would be much more impressive on a larger screen.

I would recommend this movie…but I wouldn’t go see this one over Spiderman or Batman.  Or the new Bourne movie coming out next week.  I’m soooo excited, despite Matt Damon not being in this one.

Please share your thoughts

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