Off to a great start

Reckoning has surpassed my highest hopes, all thanks to each of you.

Want to know what your support has accomplished so far?

First (and most importantly):  After the first full day of sales, together, we have raised $54 to go toward the first iPad for an autistic child.  I am over the moon thrilled with that result.  As for today (still have a couple more hours to go) we have added another $40.  So we are nearly 1/5 of the way to buying that first iPad.  I am so excited!!

Second…want to know the stats?

Currently Reckoning is sitting at:

#9 Hot New Release Contemporary Fantasy

#22 Best Seller List Contemporary Fantasy

#23 Top 100 Contemporary Fantasy

#53 Best Seller List Fantasy Romance

Overall rank for paid books: 992

And Reckoning has already received five 5 star reviews.

In case you are wondering….this is AMAZING!

Thank you to each and every one of you who have continued to support Roseline and Gabriel in their journey.


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