Gabriel Marston: Casting Call

To kick off my casting call I would like to start with Gabriel Marston.

The ultimate question: What the heck is he?  Do you think he’s a Human?  An Immortal?  Or something else entirely?

What characteristics did you love most about him?

Do you think he is a good match for Roseline?  Or are you rooting for Fane to sweep back in?

Feel free to post pics of what you think he looks like.  Give me the good, the bad and the dreamy 🙂


2 thoughts on “Gabriel Marston: Casting Call

  1. I really like Gabriel’s character but thats not my main purpose of adding a comment. You asked if Roseline should end up back with Fane – Um, I hate Fane. He’s too selfish. He took Roseline back to Romania, where he knew she would be tortured and beaten, but it was ok with him because that meant she was near him. I guess he tried to make up for it by trying to escape with her – but if he wanted to be with her, he should have convinced her to run away with him when he picked her up from the dance. It’s only because Roseline was on the brink of death that he would risk his life for her.

    Ok, sorry – I know this was supposed to be about Gabriel. I like him because he doesn’t want to be the bully jock he could have the easy time being. Yes, he’s with the “prom queen” type but only because thats what his step father wants, not what he wants. He’s bored being Mr. Popular.

    1. Thank you so much for your comments, Heather. I’m actually really pleased with your views on Fane because many people have expressed their desire for Roseline to end up with Fane in the end.

      I agree that he can be a bit selfish. He isn’t the type that likes to share. And having had Roseline to himself for many years, in secret of course, it is hard for him to accept the fact that she chose a “human” over him.

      But, true to his character, he thought he was doing right by her in taking her back to Romania. They both knew what awaited her there, but he also knew Vladimir’s rage just might tip him over the edge and could bring about Roseline’s death. In his own way, he was trying to help.

      Don’t know if that might help you to like him more…but then again, who knows if I really want him to be a likeable character? 🙂

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