The Dreamer: Book Review

In holding with my promise, to switch back and forth between traditional and self-pubbed authors, I am presenting you with my review of THE DREAMER, by newbie author, Ariana Zamora.

THE DREAMER Book Description:

A murderous power, born of betrayal, was passed down the Jamison line, searching for the one who would bring an end to a timeless agony. It lay dormant until one day it came across a young, unsuspecting girl in the form of a dream.

A woman whispers to Anjaleena Jamison in the dead of night, plaguing her mind with terror, and haunting her very soul. No one thought anything of it, except for Grandma Rose – the only other living person who knew the terrible secrets of Bennett Manor. After her grandmother’s death, Anjaleena soon finds herself residing in the manor, and discovers the ghost of Julian Bennett – a handsome young man who she can’t help but feel drawn to. Can Anjaleena find the strength to both fall in love and defeat the evil lurking inside the house? 

In the halls of Bennett Manor, nothing is as it seems. 

Follow Anjaleena on her journey to the past in THE DREAMER.

My thoughts:

First off, I gotta tell you that I blame Ariana Zamora for my incessant yawning this morning.  I stayed up WAY too late to finish THE DREAMER.  But that tells you how much I enjoyed it.  Sleep is a high commodity for me right now, along with time, and I chose to spend it on this newbie author. Well done, Ariana, for sucking me into your world.

The plot starts off high paced, tossing you straight into the action and confusion.  The main character, Leena Jamison, discovers that the nightmares that have plagued her since childhood aren’t random.  She is being summoned.

Driven back to the source, of decades of anguish, Leena must wade through history and travel back in time to solve the mystery that lurks within her new home, Bennett Manor.  But can she trust the facts presented to her?  The supernatural melds with reality as Leena fights to carry on a life in both worlds.

THE DREAMER has a lovely mix of romance, suspense and will certainly leave you wanting more.  I am glad to know that Ariana Zamora is planning as second book.  I look forward to reading it.

For teens, you will be drawn to Ariana’s witty dialogue and spunky characters.  Adults (I toss myself in that category)  will enjoy the clean nature of this book.  I didn’t notice any strong language issues or blatant sex scenes.  It is a book for all ages.

My overall rating is 4 star, for enjoyment, ease of reading and kinship to some of the secondary characters.   I am impressed with the talent that Ariana Zamora displayed in her first novel.  I know she will only improve as time goes by.

THE DREAMER is available on Amazon for only $0.99  If you are interested in purchasing your own copy, click on the photo above to link you directly to Amazon.

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