Well it’s official…I have been outsmarted by a 5 year old!

As it’s saturday morning, and HOT HOT HOT, my hubby decided to hand-wash our cars with my son, so I could have some time to work on my book.  Very sweet of him.

An hour passes and there I am, blissfully editing, when a call comes from the front door.  “Come out and check to make sure the cars are done.”

Now, in hindsight, I should have known something was up.  My two pranksters mingled with soapy fun can never turn out good for me.

So, painfully ignorant of their devious scheme, I step straight out my front door.  I see my husband, staring fixedly at the cars, as if he has found a spot they have missed.  I glance around, worried that I can’t see my little man.  (We live on the main street in our neighborhood and people fly up and down it!  Drives me crazy!)

Next thing I know….whoosh!  Full on ambush with the garden hose.

Yep, this was me.

Am I impressed?  You betcha!  My son was sneaky enough to hide only four feet from me, plastered against the house so I didn’t notice him. I never even saw the first spray coming.  Nor the remaining minute of continual drenching.

*Sigh*  The joys of having an imaginative child.

Wonder where he gets that from?

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