A Must Have for Writers

I have found an amazing book that I feel compelled to share with you.  If you are a writer of fiction, you NEED this book.

*Disclaimer*  I swear I don’t make a penny from telling you this.  The book is just THAT good.

While traveling through the wonderful word of Goodreads last night, I stumbled upon THE EMOTION THESAURUS.

Yes, it’s exactly what it sounds like.  An entire book devoted to helping writers create the perfect emotional scene without the overuse of: smiling, frowning, crying, etc.

The cost is $4.99 and trust me, if you are a serious writer, you NEED this book.  Still on the fence?  Download the sample.  It is brilliant.

This book gives you list after list of fantastic ways to describe emotions.  Take Adoration for example.  On my kindle, they gave me 7 pages of tips.  Insane!  Just reading through those first few pages made me really excited, and stressed because I realized I need to do MORE revisions to RECKONING.

Click on the picture above to link you directly to the amazon copy so you can see for yourself.  I just bought it last night and I am already giving it a 5 star rating!

If you don’t own a kindle, never fear.  There is a paperback version available as well!

3 thoughts on “A Must Have for Writers

  1. Memang la UMNO banyak sat.ia..sikil-shkit duit..sikit-sikit duit..UMNO kan banyak duit..biasa la..duit tu taboq-taboq ja..janji dapat apa yang depa mau…

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