Keep Rolling, Rolling, Rolling

FINALLY!  Inspiration gripped me and wouldn’t let go last night.

For weeks I have been struggling with RECKONING, wrestling with my characters to stop being so rigid.  My humor was off, timing pathetic and my characters were becoming rather unruly.

Until last night.

Maybe all I needed was complete silence for two hours.  I flopped onto the couch at 6pm last night and when I glanced up to see  the time, it was 8:15.  Oh how I miss those days of tranquility.  Oneness with my laptop.  But life made me stop midflow and pick up my son.  I didn’t get back to writing until nearly 10pm but thankfully my mojo was still primed for some awesome writing.

Two hours of aloneness was like giving my characters a major dose of speed.  I finished 5 chapters before collapsing into bed at 1am.    WOOHOO!

Watch out folks, my snarky humor is back!



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