Too old to party

I think my husband has officially decided he is too old to party with the younger guys.  After dinner last night, he took his three British kinsmen with him out to a bar.  Seems like a typical thing to do.  But there is one thing he failed to remember.  They are all younger than him.  One of them is younger by ten years.

They have more stamina for late nights.

My poor husband, who usually falls asleep watching TV each night by 9pm, crawled into bed after 2am last night.  It’s 7am.  We are up.  Are the other guys?  No.  They are all sacked out in the guest bedroom.  Two are sharing a bed (which I think is hilarious) and one of them (the youngest) is currently sleeping on our hardwood floor on my yoga mat.  Yeah, that must be comfy!

Lesson learned: Once you hit 30 you just can’t hang with the younger folk!

(I love that these guys are giving me so much to blog about haha)

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