I Married a Slave-Driver

I need to get this for my hubby.

I have had an epiphany.

The instant you start becoming successful your spouse changes.  It might be a slow progression, like the occasional clacking of calculator keys as your book sales are figured.  The obsessional checking to see if your book is still in the top 100 list.   The sly comments about early retirement.  Perhaps its the glance between the TV and your non-typing fingers and you get the look .

I promise you it will happen.  That moment when you realize your husband has gone from loving and supportive to slave-driver.

This happened to me not five minutes ago. I was innocently trying to avoid watching an episode of The Big Bang Theory (as if that is even possible!) and my husband hits the pause button.  Confused I turn to him, slightly put out to have Sheldon cut off mid quip.  He says to me, “go to your room.  You’ve stopped writing.”

*sigh* I knew this day would come.  Banishment to work on my novel.

Hang on a second…isn’t this what I’ve been hoping for?  Time to freely immerse myself in the fantasy world?

*jumps for joy*  I’ve finally done it!

Ah…the joys of being a writer.

I am a lucky woman 🙂

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