A Dirty Little Secret

Does this bring back memories?

Want to know a secret that traditional publishers don’t want you to know?

You can  succeed without them.

Obviously, it has been deeply ingrained in us that the only way you can make a living as an author is to go through the traditional channels.  This just isn’t so anymore.  Through Amazon Kindle and other’s you are now able to become your own boss.

You set the publishing dates.  You create the book covers.  You decide on your royalty prices.  YOU have full control.

And the best part about being a self-published author?   You get to interact with your readers.

I’m not saying you can’t do this as a traditionally publisher author, far from it.  But when marketing is all down to you, you have the priveledge to speak directly to your buyers.

I have gone back and forth about this issue.  I was brainwashed, just like the rest of you, into thinking I can’t be a success without a publisher.  It’s a hard thing to break.  But…I have done it.

Does that mean I will never seek a publisher?  No, of course not. I still have that dream (and a publisher in mind).  But for now, as I am working to hone the details of my upcoming sequel, RECKONING, I am excited at the possibilities that I can’t even begin to  imagine.  Had I waited around for an editor to fall in love with FORBIDDEN, I wouldn’t have met so many of you!  I wouldn’t change that for the world!

Want to hear from someone who has been there and is making a name for herself?  Follow this link for a truly inspiring message.


2 thoughts on “A Dirty Little Secret

  1. The article you shared on Amazon with me was really inspiring too. You should share that link. The profits alone were enough to change my mine. Why not get paid for the leg work you have to do even if you get a ‘real’ publisher?

    1. I agree whole heartedly. If you gotta do the work anyways, why not make the higher rates? I’m glad you enjoyed the article. I’ll add it onto my post now.

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