Gift from a reader

A gift left for me today on Amazon:

Forbidden is an interesting take on the vampire myth and is more old-school vampire style. Roseline Dragomir Enescue has been married against her will to her husband Vladimir for over 300 years. Made Immortal at the age of 17 by Vladimir on their wedding night in a blood bath, Roseline has always dreamed of escaping him. She took a chance and fled Romania for Chicago. There Roseline forged unlikely friendships with Sadie and her brother William. She also falls in love with Gabriel, a human boy who may be more than he seems.

When Fane, Roseline’s best friend from Romania, comes to the states to take Roseline back, Gabriel, Sadie, William, and Nicolae, a foreign exchange student/vampire hunter, rush to Romania after her. Will they get there in time to save her? Do they even stand a chance?

After reading The Historian years ago, I did some research into the real Dracula (not really a vampire at all, but very bloodthirsty). Ms. Miles takes some of those stories and myths and blends them into a new and engaging vampire tale. If you are looking for a new take on the overrun vampire genre, I cannot recommend this novel highly enough.

Thank you to Kelli K. Sako for your glowing 5 star review!  You don’t know how grateful I am to hear from you.

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