Remembering my Mother

As Mother’s Day rolls around each year, I am reminded of two things.  One, of how grateful I am for my family.  And two, of how much I miss my Mother.  It has been 7 years since I lost her to the battle of heart cancer and although the pain isn’t as raw, and the memories are far more fond, I still miss her just as much as I did the day she passed.

Mothers are women that we cherish.  This explains why “yo momma” jokes are grounds for a fight on the playground.  No one speaks poorly of  your mother.

It is not until you lose your Mother that you realize how special she truly was.  She’s the one who dried your tears and cleaned your skinned knees as a child.  Who checked to make sure your teeth were cleaned, hands washed with soap and cleaned properly behind your ears.  Who made you eat your peas because they were good for you.  Who cuddled with you ten times a day just because you asked.  Who puts aside her chores to listen to your latest tale of Captain Hook vs. Peter Pan.  Who sings you the same songs every night before bedtime, despite having sung it over 100 times.  Who hugs you and tells you that you are special.

Mother’s are special in every way.  We were created to nurture, protect and pour out love on our children.  My mother is greatly missed, but I can smile knowing that even though my son never knew my mother, he gets to see her every day through me.  I am who my mother raised me to be.  THAT is greatest honor I can bestow on her.


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