A virtue I lack

I’ve been told that patience is a virtue…one that I apparently lack.  Tonight is the night that I should find out my fate with the publisher.  To say that I am nervous is truly an understatement.

I tried to drown my mind with entertainment today. Hubby and I hit the new Avengers movie this afternoon.  Have you seen it?  I think it’s the best movie released all year!

Came home, had a lovely bbq with the family.  Pork steaks and cake for dessert.  (In case you are wondering, these are major comfort foods for me).  But right around 8pm I started watching the clock.  Not too often, but certainly often enough to drive my batty.

So, I decided to pacify myself with a little Once Upon a Time.  Seriously, did they have to pick THIS night to be painfully obvious?  I couldn’t even enjoy the thrill of trying to unravel the plot line.

And now….after checking my email for the 5th time in two hours, I am reading Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief, for research, of course.  Sigh.

I guess no news is good news, right?

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