Spring Break doesn’t feel much like a break!

Have you ever wished that schools would rename “spring break?”  Perhaps it could be called “spring run around like a headless chicken to do the zoo and museums and hit as many park slides as possible week?”  No, too long?  How about “spring I want this and oohhh I want that week?”  Still not right?

How about we shorten it to the basic essence of this week that rolls around every year for parents of school children.  “Spring BROKE!”

This is a week that I love, because I can spend time with my son and have a blast…but don’t let “free” trips fool you.  There is always SOMETHING there that will cost a pretty penny.

Take our science center for example.  It’s free so, heck yeah we are going.  Apart from the gas and hour and a half drive, it was going to be an economical choice.  WRONG.  Apparently there are only 6 Build-A-Dino stores in all of America.  Guess who is lucky to have one IN our science center?

Sigh.  There was no avoiding this extra cost.  My son is a dino fanatic!  Thank you Build-A-Dino for emptying part of my wallet!

And let’s talk about food at these places.  Isn’t it crazy expensive?  Normally we plan picnic lunches when we go as a family, but since hubby was dropping us off at the zoo on his way to work, it didn’t work out so well.  There went another $35!

But in the end (I’m thankful it is satuday!) we had a great week. Sure I’m more broke than I would have liked, and yeah I’m worn out from all of the going and doing, but my son and I had a great time together.  Just think…we get to do it again next week. (son is in a private school and they extended spring break to a week and a half.  Lucky me!)

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