My muse has been humming all day.  No, actually, it’s been screaming at me all day!  I’ve never felt so good outlining a book before. Normally its pure, unadulterated drudgery.  One of my least favorite things to do.

But my research for Ignite has my mind spinning is so many circles I can’t keep up.  My outline looks fantastic, all pretty and color coded.  No, I’m not normally that obsessive.  The colors actually mean something beyond their prettiness.

So here it is, nearly 8pm on a friday night and I can’t stop thinking.  Clothing designs, tattoo patterns, crystals and stone images keep floating by.  If I had a lick of artistic talent I’d be scribbling furiously right now.  But for some reason, I just don’t think togas look good on stick figures.  Maybe that’s just me.

Inspiration can be an amazing thing.  Thrilling, electrifying and down right the best caffeine known to man.  What do you do when your muse won’t go to sleep when you want you?

Please share your thoughts

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