Have you met the Lorax?


Have you had the pleasure of meeting the Lorax yet? Today is the day my son can finally stop pestering me to take him to the movie theater.  At 2pm we get to meet the Lorax for ourselves.

Isn’t it crazy how kids latch onto a movie and won’t let it go? It felt like every TV show for the past month has had those little cartoon advertisements at the bottom of the screen.  Next thing I know, my son is bouncing from the walls, swinging from the ceiling fan and cheering for a movie that he MUST see.

Thank you marketing companies for making me life a Dr. Suess festival for the past month!

I’ve heard the movie is cute, witty and great for all ages.  How did you like the Lorax?

One thought on “Have you met the Lorax?

  1. For those of you who have kids and are looking for a cute movie, I highly recommend the Lorax. Its “hug a tree” theme is very strongly stressed throughout the movie but it is done is a very entertaining fashion. My son laughed, giggled and danced along with the music. A must see for any Dr. Seuss fans!

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