Paint brush and a poorly child

Do you ever have those moments where your child comes out with bizarre requests?  My son just spent the morning in the ER with a 104.2 temp and now wants to help mommy paint her bedroom.  What’s with that?

Kids are unpredictable, ingenious and have a whole lot of spunk.  I love my little man!

What does your child do to make you smile?

3 thoughts on “Paint brush and a poorly child

  1. My daughter randomly asks me to come cuddle with her on the couch and eat popcorn while watching TV 🙂 Those are sweet moments.

    1. I agree! Cuddle time with little ones can only last so long. Cherish those moments as often as you can. I’m lucky, my son wants cuddle time practically all day long 🙂

      1. As much as I love his desire to help re-decorate mommy’s bedroom, there is no way I’m letting him off the couch. Today is officially pj’s and movie day. Sometimes those are the best days! Oh yeah, and lots of POPSICLES!!!

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