Beware the Pirates!

Is this a beautiful picture of tranquility or what? A steaming cup of coffee and a blank crisp page ready to delve into…absolutely perfect!

If this were my reality I wouldn’t know what to do with myself!

Silence?  What’s that?  My home is usually filled with looting pirates, zooming airplanes sinking an aircraft carrier, T-Rex stalking its prey or some Disney Jr. show in the background.  Not to mention the dishes and laundry calling my name; a nagging reminder that I have responsibilities outside of my writing bubble.

So how do I get any writing done?
Being a mother and a wife, as well as pursuing my dream of being an author, isn’t easy.  Some days it feels downright impossible.  But I have a supportive husband who withholds his frown if the sink is still full when he gets home, or adjusts his schedule so I can make my library writing time.

Writing is far from a solitary effort. Each member of my family gives so that I may write.  I am indebted to their sacrifices so that I might have my shot at making a career out of what I love most.  Writing isn’t just something I enjoy…it’s a passion!
So how do you manage to juggle the necessities of life with your writing goals?   

Credit for photo: nuttakit

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