To Swoon or not to swoon…

Alright ladies, here is the number one question of the day.  When your special someone reveals his V-day gift, should you swoon or not?

Now I’m not taking Gone with the Wind type swoon, but perhaps a little sigh or a batting of your carefully mascaraed eye lashes. Will you lean into him and whisper your gratitude or burst into tears?

Believe it or not, these are things you should think about. Now I’m not saying you should fake an emotion.  That would just be wrong, right?  I’m talking about planning ahead of what reaction you would be comfortable with.
Let me explain.

Some of you will be surprised with an extravagant gift in the middle of a candle lit restaurant surrounded by people. Are you prepared to risk streams of mascara staining your cheeks because you didn’t buy waterproof mascara? 

Or how about those of you who are more vocal with your approval?  Intimate restaurants aren’t really the type of place to let out a hooting call of gratitude. Check your cowgirl bellows at the door, ladies.
Think about your evening plans, how you normally react to those gifts only your special someone knows how to give, and plan ahead.  If you’re a crier (like me!) stuff some tissues in your purse.  If you’re a swooner, make sure you don’t wear high heels on black ice.  If you’re a hugger, make sure you don’t have a table full of steaming food between you and your target. And if you’re an enthusiastic cowgirl, make sure he takes you somewhere loud!

To swoon or not to swoon…that is a question only you can answer.

I’m gonna be a crier.  I always am!

So how do you normally react to gifts?

Please share your thoughts

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