Chocoholics unite!

How many of you ladies picture this every time you step on the scale?  

Come on, be honest.  

Valentine’s Day is a chocoholic’s worst nightmare.  I am blessed with an inability to eat too much chocolate but that doesn’t mean all of those sugary cupcakes go unnoticed!  Throw a little pink frosting and sprinkles in there and I’m in BIG trouble.

So how do you plan to avoid gorging on V-day yummies?

I for one am eating at home.  I selected a nice lean steak, new potatoes and will steam some veggies for dinner.  I plan to allow myself cupcake.  And then I think a nice walk in the frigid wintry wind will get my blood pumping.  

And if I start to feel temptation to snack I’m gonna pop a bag of popcorn and snuggle up with a good chick flick.  Or my laptop.  I’ve got books to write!

How about you?  Any big plans for tomorrow night?

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