Are you a champion?

“Maybe I should have stayed in bed today.”

This was a thought that tumbled around in my head for most of the morning.  Who knew this would be the day I would receive my first terrible book review.  It was bound to happen.  I even tried to prepare myself, but just like labor pains, you get knocked on your backside.

I’m a pretty sensitive person.  I like to be liked.  Who doesn’t?  But I’ve learned that to make it in the writing world you have to grow some thick skin.  Today was the first slice I’ve endured since I stopped adding rejection letters to my pile back in June.

It hurts.  Rejection always does.  But it’s a part of life.  It teaches you not only how to be humble but also reminds you that there’s always something more to learn.  If I ever reach the point where I think I’m God’s gift to writers I give you permission to slap me!

So today has been a tad rocky for me.  I knew my heart wouldn’t be into writing, as I licked my wounds, so I switched gears and did some marketing.  What better way to deal with rejection than to get another sale?

I’ve also done some more tweaking to my blog.  Watcha think?  Kinda nice, eh?  Much better than the dreary black and gray.

How do you handle yet another rejection letter, bad review or naysayer?  

Are you a fighter or do you give up?  I think I might hear the Rocky music floating thought the air!

I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Please share your thoughts

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