A photo is worth 8 words

Here’s an exercise that might be harder than you think.  Find a picture online or dig through an old photo album.  It can be of anything.

Now I want you to study it.  Look at every detail, both small and obvious.  What do you see?  How does the picture make you feel?  How would you describe it to someone who has never glimpsed the picture?

After you ponder on the picture I want you to come up with a list of 8 words to describe the essence of the picture.
Mood, Tone, Message, Image, Purpose, for example.  It can be whatever you want.

See if in five words you can capture the scope of the entire picture.  Then I want you to share them with me.  Put your response in the comment section below.
I am providing a sample picture and my own words to get your started.  Have fun!

PS: this is exactly what you should do when you create a setting in your book.  Take a mental image of a room and pick 8 words to describe it.  This is a great way to practice BEFORE you write your chapter!

  This is a picture that I am using for a book cover of an upcoming book.  Along with creating a scene you also have to consider the same aspect when choosing a book cover.  Here as my 8 words to describe this picture:

Turbulent, Powerful, Deadly, Tempest, Surge, Rage, Uncontrollable, Raw    
Thank you to Salvatore Vuono for creating this picture!

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