Tips for writers

Some tips for success as a writer
·        Distractions are all around you.  Eliminate as many as you can while you are writing.
·        Don’t focus on money or “making it big.”  Set your sights on entertaining your audience and success will come. 
·        Take a mental break between novels.  Too much too quickly can stunt your muse.
·        Don’t give in to doubt.  It will only hold you back from your true potential.  Kick doubt to the curb.
·        Put your mental editor on stand by until you finish your rough draft.  Typos are one thing but complete rewrites are a whole other ball game.  Don’t allow editing to sidetrack your writing efforts.
·        You’re personal observations of your work are more than likely muddy.  Let your readers show if you’re doing a good job or not through their reviews.
·        If you are seeking to follow the route to find an agent, publisher or enter a contest, you need to make your novel shine.  Good isn’t enough.  You need to be a diamond among the ashes. 
·        Good stories are read by friends, family and a small smattering of people.  But exceptional stories are read by the multitude.  Write the best quality novel you can.  Publishing for the sake of publishing is worthless for you and your readers.  Don’t tarnish your name just to publish quickly.
·        Only write what pushes your plot forward.  Cut out the excess, tighten your writing, and make every word count. 
·        Don’t give everything away in the beginning.  Ask questions and let your readers guess the answers.  Tell only what is necessary to keep a reader dangling on the end of your rope.
·        Create a killer first line.  Drag a reader into your book and don’t let them go. 
·        Chapter 1 needs to be full of action. Get their pulses racing and don’t let up. 
·        Share what you have learned with others.  There are countless writers like you who are on the same journey.  Give what you know and help when you can.
·        And most of all…stick to what you love.  I’ve heard it said that you should write what you know.  I say write what you love.  If you are passionate about your novel then your readers are more inclined to be too. 

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