Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award

Do you have a novel that is good enough to snag a publisher?  If so, you might want to think about entering it into the 2012 Amazon Breakthrough novel award.
Prize: 15,000 advance AND a publishing contract with Penguin Publishing
When can you submit: Open submissions are accepted between January 23rd and run through Feb 2, 2012
What type of manuscript can be submitted?  Amazon is offering submissions in two categories.  General and Young Adult.
Who can submit?  Anyone with an unpublished or self published novel
How can I find the submission guidelines?  Follow this link.
I entered this competition in 2011 with my debut novel, Defiance Rising.  I made it through a couple cuts before my novel met its untimely end.  This year I plan to submit my newly self published teen fantasy, Forbidden.
If you have a novel that you want to submit, now is the time to give it a thorough once over.  Look for the basic mistakes that could cost you a place in finals.  Shine up your novel until it’s so brilliant the judges can’t help but fall in love with it.
Best of luck!  Let me know how you do!

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