Free Author Interview: Maya Mendoza

New memoir shows how one woman triumphs over severe anxiety and trauma “From Agoraphobia to Zen”-Uncovering the core of my anxiety and reclaiming my life.
Makaha Hawaii June 28, 2011
Aloha. I am excited and grateful to announce the publication of my debut memoir. This book tells the true story of how keeping toxic secrets can poison your mind and how searching and finding the truth can heal the body mind and soul.
At the lowest point in my life, I was a prisoner in my own home trying to raise my four children from a box in a closet, so confused and scared to live my daily life. I also carried around my pain as seventy extra pounds on my body. My journey to health and wellness although raw and gritty is also inspiring, mysterious and even funny. The core of my story shows two women who struggle with mental illness, a mother and daughter, and how one survives and one couldn’t.
Recovering from a mental illness is very possible but those who suffer are stigmatized and face obstacles and prejudice. My great hope and gift in writing this book is to help people who have an anxiety disorder believe there is hope and a  Zen for them as there was for me.
Thank you to all who believed in me and friends old and new all over the world. A special thank you to my family, publisher and the students who made me laugh and look at the world through new eyes.
My name on the book is Marilyn Mendoza, but I use my nickname Maya so if you google Marilyn Maya Mendoza sometimes more information is found on my book
My book is on Amazon, in print and kindle and B&N and my publisher’s site which is ChipmunkaPublishing as well as other places on the internet.
Since my publisher is in the UK, my book also on the AmazonUK site where it also has good reviews . The Amazon in the USA has good reviews too lol
It costs 21 dollars on Amazon.
I sell autographed copies to those who email me for 20 dollars including shipping
My memoir is a harrowing but inspiring journey from living in a box in my closet to healing from anxiety and agoraphobia.. It is also a mystery of two women, my mother and me and how one survives mental illness and one couldn’t.
My journey as a writer started as a search for the truth about my past and why it was affecting, infecting my entire life. My journey ended with many mysteries solved and peace and healing. I always wrote prose and poetry to soothe and this was one chapter that I had in my mind that turned into a book with a lot of effort to say the least.
After I finished my memoir, I was determined not to do it again but a writer must write and I have some ideas brewing around in my head for a sequel.
My advice to future authors is to never give up. If you have a passion to tell your story or in my case my truth, don’t let negative people deter you from your dream, even if they are family.
My journey now is to help end the stigma against mental illness and to help one person at a time by sharing my story.
I went on a book tour to promote my book and it was a wonderful experience. My publisher did not pay for it. I saved and went to London where I was welcomed by book clubs, libraries and got to see so many places the normal tourist doesn’t get to see. I also went to Minnesota and spoke at many places as well. I went for “broke” literally. But it was so worth it.

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