Movie Review: Breaking Dawn

Sadly I must say that I was greatly disappointed.  It was cheesy, drawn out and utterly a let down.  It’s such a shame since I LOVE the book.
As an avid reader, and a fan of Twilight in general, I am sad to think of what the negative reviews might do for Stephenie Meyers’ book sales.  I know that there will always be die-hard Twilight fans that will support the movies no matter what, but this is one fan that is left dissatisfied. 
The heartfelt conversation between Bella and Edward on the night before their wedding was unbelievably cheesy.  Mix that with the terrible wolf pack conversation and some funky graphics and I was cringing. 
The movie felt long, far more drawn out than it needed to be.  I actually found myself growing bored with it.  By the end of the movie I was relieved that it was over, never a good thing for a fan to feel.
On the plus side, I enjoyed being able to visually see the wedding, Isle Esme, and even the gruesome decline Bella experiences as the baby drains her life.  There were a few things added into the movie for excitement that wasn’t a part of the book, but I didn’t mind it. 
Overall…I would give the movie a 2 star out of 5, but honestly that’s only because I love the book. 
I hope other people enjoy it more than I did!

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