How do you research?

I’ve always heard it said that you should write what you love.  I personally have a passion for Teen Lit.  I love to read it and I especially love to write it.  And nothing kept help you grow as a writer more than keeping up with the times.
When I go to the library I don’t peruse the Adult section, dawdle in the self help books or give in to the countless cook books that scream my name.  Nope. I head straight to the teen section to begin my research. 
I compare my dialogue to make sure I’m not speaking like the nearly thirty year old that I am, with outdated slang.  I focus on what’s ‘hot’ and what’s not.  I don’t want to copy an author’s style, their essence that makes their books so special.  What makes a writer great is when they have their own voice, their own ideas and aren’t afraid to share them.
What do you do to research your genre? 

Please share your thoughts

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