Self Publishing Is it worth the effort?

One of the areas that I think tends to scare off potential authors from self-publishing is the idea of having to do their own marketing.  Isn’t that what a traditional publisher is supposed to do for you? 
I follow the posts of many of my favorite authors to see how well they do with their book deals and it amazes me just how much time they spend on the road self-promoting.  Book signings, guest speaking, books fairs, etc.  You name it these people are doing it.  Is that really any different from what you do?
Aren’t you on line chatting, emailing, posting and smooth talking with potential buyers?  Why has the idea of self-marketing become so tainted when it’s exactly what traditional published authors are doing?
Are you a friend of an author?  Follower on twitter?  Subscriber to a blog?  Exactly.  Me too. 
If you can talk you can self promote.  If you can type, which I hope you can since you want to be an author, then you can self promote.  If you can blog, tweet, email, text or use any other form of social media, then you can self promote. 
The key to any form of promotion is getting you name out there.  I won’t lie to you.  It takes time, dedication and more hours than I could ever have dreamed, but it’s all worth it.
Tips of ways to self-promote your new book:
·        Do an author interview with me and link it to your site.
·        Create a blog.  IT’S FREE!!  I use blogger and love it!  You can also use wordpress or other sites.
·        Get on Facebook.  Join some of the book review groups.
·        Sign up for LinkedIn.  Start meeting other authors.
·        Join a writer’s group.
·        Get to know your Librarian! 
·        Get your picture and book cover in a local paper.
·        Twitter
·        Create an author profile on your ebook site (it shows up in search engines)
·        Create an email list of people to inform of new publications
·        Book signings
·        Get your book into your local school system if it’s the right age group (or a college)
·        Offer free copies of your book in exchange for a book review
·        Co-write on a friends blog
·        Create a Book movie poster (these are fun)
·        Download your book trailer onto YouTube
These are just a few ideas but they can keep you hopping.  Pick one and start today.  You don’t have to wait until you book is published to start promoting.
But always remember- creating a career around writing isn’t easy.  It’s takes time, but never let low book sales tell you that you’re not a success.  It just means you need to get back to promoting.  Have faith in yourself, even if no one else will. 
Happy writing!

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