Free Author Interview: Katrina Miller

AUTHOR NAME: Katrina Adrian Miller
WHERE CAN WE FIND YOUR BOOK, Falling in Love with the Enemy? HOW MUCH DOES IT COST? e-book: $2.99.
TELL US A LITTLE ABOUT YOUR BOOKIt is the year, 1883 and two childhood enemies meet up again seven years later. Each one of them is hiding a secret. A secret so shocking that they could be hung if found out. As the days pass, they both realize that they’re attracted to the other. Will the men push aside their ridiculous hatred of the other and become more then friends? Will their secret be revealed to everyone? 
WHAT HAS YOUR JOURNEY AS A WRITER BEEN LIKE? I’ve been writing fiction since the 1st grade. As I grew older, my stories became more controversial. Some of my family members won’t even read them. 
Is there anything unique about yourself that you would like your readers to know? I strive to be the nicest person on this planet. Um… I talk to my guinea pig as if it were a real person. I would like to think that she understands me. 
Who is your favorite author, and why? John Steinbeck. He writes the truth. My favorite book of his is, East of Eden. 
Please share some advice to help future authors. Not everyone is going to like your work. Remember, all the greats were rejected once. Don’t get mad if you get a bad review. Most reviews want to help you, and give helpful feedback. Forget the others, they just want to ruffle your feathers. 

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