Needing book reviewers

I don’t normally do this, as you can tell by the way I spend most of my time interviewing and helping other authors, but I need help.  My debut novel, Defiance Rising, is struggling to get reviews and like all of you, I need them too. 

If anyone would be willing to exchange a free copy of my teen romance, Defiance Rising, for a review on Amazon and/or your own personal blog please let me know.  I would be eternally grateful!

Product Description

Eighteen-year-old Illyria Anderson has found the one thing she desires most. But choosing him will bring about Earth’s destruction.

A Darkness is growing within Illyria’s soul, threatening to assume control of her mind and her unstable powers. The sinister thoughts that flash before her eyes are filled with images too brutal to put into words. For a normal person this wouldn’t be a problem. Popping a few pills before heading to a weekly counseling session would be enough to control the insanity, but Illyria isn’t normal. She’s not even sure she’s human. The only thing she is sure of is that she’s dangerous.

Bastien Lewis, a sinfully handsome stranger, is the only person who can bring Illyria back from the brink of destruction as she struggles to control her powers. He’s the only one that isn’t afraid of her or the Darkness that threatens to unleash its devastating power on the universe. But being near him is almost more than Illyria can bear when she learns that her destiny does not lie with Bastien, but with another. Illyria must decide if her love for Bastien is worth giving up everything, even if the price to be paid is Earth’s enslavement.

Defiance Rising is the first novel in the Defiance Rising Trilogy.

If interested please email me at

Thanks so much everyone!

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