One of the best tools that you have as an author is a blog.  People use them, people love them.  They have become the universal tool for promotion and the best part is that you can create one for free.  Blogger has been a fantastic tool for me, but there are others that are just as easy to use. 
I realize that most people feel like they simply don’t have the time to add yet another “chore” to their busy days, but you can’t afford not to.  Blogging doesn’t have to take a lot of time, and you don’t have to do it every day.  Write a post every three or four days to keep yourself up on the search engines. 
Pick a theme and go with it.  Work it to your benefit.  Tell everyone and they’re dog to subscribe to your blog and begin your promotions.  Post your blog on as many sites as you can, but don’t be obnoxious! 
If you don’t have a blog, please consider starting one.  With each day that passes that you remain blog free you remain follower free too.  Networking, one on one and social media is our present and future.  This is one bandwagon you definitely want to jump on!

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