Free Author Interview: Karen Toz

Self Published Authors is happy to present Karen Toz, whose book Nate Rocks the World sounds like a wonderful addition to any school age child’s library.  Welcome Karen!

Author Name: Karen Toz
Where can we find your book?
NATE ROCKS THE WORLD is available in print and digital format at, and most on-line retailers.
How much does it cost?
The print version is $6.99, digital $2.99
Tell us a little about your book.
NATE ROCKS THE WORLD is about ten-year-old Nathan Rockledge, who draws cartoons that come to life. Nathan lives with an annoying older sister, a mom who can’t cook (but thinks she can), and a dad who tells endless stories from his past. Poor Nathan can’t seem to catch a break; bad luck seems to follow him wherever he goes. But with the help of his sketchpad and his imagination, Nathan transforms himself into Nate Rocks, hero, saving the day time and time again. The book is geared toward 7-12 year olds, or anyone young at heart, and sends the message that anyone and everyone can accomplish great things.
Do you have any upcoming projects?
I am currently working on book two of the “Nate Rocks” series.
What has your journey as a writer been like?
It’s been wonderful! I only discovered I love to write a little over a year ago. In that time, I wrote two manuscripts, and am so excited to have one of them published.
Why did you choose to self publish?
I love the control I have. I’ve enjoyed making all of the decisions, hiring my own editor and designer, and working on my own time table. There are definitely days where the self-marketing becomes tiresome and frustrated, but I have made some great connections both on line and in person, that I otherwise would not have made.
Would you do it again?
Absolutely, and I plan to with my next book.
How do you plan to promote your book?
 I am on-line – alot! I’m on Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads, Google+… you name it. I love talking to everyone on line. At first I tried to connect with only a very specific market (namely moms), but I’ve now learned that everyone is a potential customer. They may have kids, grandkids, nieces, nephews, cousins, neighbors, students… you get the idea. Locally, I’ve been visiting some of the nearby libraries, schools, and independent bookstores. Slowly but surely I hope to have NATE ROCKS THE WORLD available in as many outlets as possible.
What time of day do you write best?
I am without a doubt a morning person. I love to get up extra early, before anyone else is awake, get a pot of coffee going, and just get right to work. 
How did you create your characters?
My three children were instrumental in developing my main character Nathan Rockledge. Nathan loves to draw cartoons that come to life starring himself, Nate Rocks, as the hero. My oldest son is the cartoon drawer, my middle child is a dreamer and very creative, and my youngest loves to role play. The three of them combined were my main inspiration for NATE ROCKS THE WORLD. The other characters were taken from real life experiences and then exaggerated to the extreme. I loved creating all of my characters.
How can our readers learn more about you and your ongoing efforts?
There are several ways actually. Readers can visit me on my website (, on my blog (, and on Facebook ( I can also be found on Twitter ( and on Goodreads (
Any final thoughts?
Yes – the importance of encouraging young children to fall in love with reading is so vital. I hope all who are young at heart will experience as much enjoyment reading NATE ROCKS THE WORLD, as I did writing all of his adventures.

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