Offering Free book Reviews

Hi Everyone!

Hope you are all doing well with your writing.  Can’t wait to post some of the interviews I’ve been looking over today.  We have some great new authors to introduce to you to with up and coming talent!

But…that’s not my focus of this post.  I’m looking for books to review.  Not just any books though, sorry.  I would love, for those of you who write in my favorite genre’s, to give me a chance to offer you a free book review in exchange for a free copy of your eBook. 

What I’m looking for:

  • Teen Fantasy/Paranormal/Sci-fi
  • Teen Romance
  • Inspirational Romance
  • Stories set in Pioneering or Medieval times
  • Mystery…but it’s gotta be a challenge to figure it out!  Don’t tell me who did it in the first chapter!

I will consider other genre’s, especially if you’re struggling to fit your book into just one genre but please NO NON-FICTION!  It’s not my thing and I simply won’t be able to give you an unbiased review. 

I know a lot of self published authors that will pay for reviews, which is good, but I’m offering it for only the cost of one of your books.

I promise to be fair with my review.  Any criticism that I do have will be sent to your privately.  I want to help you improve not tear you down.  I’m very aware of how important a good review is so I promise to focus on your strong points when I finalize my review. 

If this is something you would be interested in, please email me at with a brief explanation.  Sell me on your book!  I’m doing this to help you first and foremost…but I also want to be entertained!  What reader doesn’t?

I’m an avid reader, and spend more time reading that writing many times, so I will take each book as it comes in order.  I typically go through three or four books a week, but that varies depending on my own book writing load.

Please share your thoughts

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