Author: Neal James

Self Published Authors is grateful to introduce to you, Neal James.  His book, Threads of Deceit, is full of twists and turns that will leave you begging for more.  Check out his new book for a real fast paced thriller!
Author Name:  Neal James        
Books:  ‘Threads of Deceit’  ISBN9781907728266  £8.99
WH Smith
Barnes & Noble (USA)
Description:  A tale of murder, fraud, embezzlement, drug trafficking and deceit.  It is a fast-paced thriller set against the background of the UK textile industry. A young man’s future is derailed when he sees something which he wasn’t supposed to have witnessed. Stitched up for a crime which he did not commit, he sets off on a trail of revenge against the man who betrayed his trust.
 Audience:  The style of the book is such that it is suitable for anyone from the age of 14 upwards. There is no bad language or overt sex. The story stands upon its own merits, and the plot twists are designed to hold the reader interest right to the very end. In setting the book out this way, I aim to reach as wide a readership as possible.
 Origin of the Idea:  A single factual event, which took place some 30 years ago, was the inspiring idea for the story. A crowded pub, a quiet voice, and an offer to import illegal substances amongst deliveries of yarn form the Far East. In fact, the offer was soundly rejected – in the book, the recipient of the offer had serious financial problems, and saw this as his way out of them.
 One Unique Idea About Me:  Thirty years spent in the accountancy trade have given me insights into a wide variety of industries and the people who run them. That kind of information is not widely available to everyone.
Self-Publishing:  I started, in 2006, with, and it is an excellent place to begin publishing your ideas. From there, I graduated to Pneuma Springs, a publisher more in the traditional role of handling the entire project from manuscript to finished article, including barcode and ISBN number. Pneuma are not Self-publishing, nor are they vanity press, and my four years with them have been very satisfying.
Other Books:
‘Two Little Dicky Birds’                                   ISBN9781905809936                        £8.99                     2008
‘Short Stories Volume One’                            ISBN9781905809608                        £7.99                     2009
‘A Ticket to Tewkesbury’                               ISBN9781905809349                         £7.99                     2010
Growth:  Moving from a short story writer to an author of full-length novels was a major step, but one which I could not have taken were it not for the fact that I had a ‘library’ of over  100 stories to use as raw material. ‘A Ticket to Tewkesbury’ began life as one of those stories. I have had to carry out much more, highly detailed, research in order to complete the novels which have been written, and that growth is going to stand me in good stead for the books which are currently in the pipeline:
‘Full Marks’                                                   A detective thriller
‘The Rings of Darelius’                                 A science fiction story of global catastrophe
‘Dreamer’                                                     A paranormal political thriller
‘Short Stories Volume Two’                         50 more stories in a second anthology
Advice:  Never stop believing in yourself. Do your research. Be highly self-critical. Never turn your back on a fresh perspective. Get your work independently edited and proof read. Do it for fun, because when the fun stops, all that is left is sheer hard work. Write what you know about, or what you can be reasonably sure is sound. Never be afraid of critique. Be prepared for knock-backs.
Bio:  I am the son of a Derbyshire miner. I was born in 1952 and came through the state education system. I am a qualified accountant with, apparently, an ability to turn a story out from practically any idea. I have been writing since one of my short stories finished in the top ten of an international writing competition. The entry field comprised 2,000 stories, and it all took off from there. I started posting my stories to a variety of writing sites and, after favourable reviews, decided to move one to a novel. That novel was ‘A Ticket to Tewkesbury’.

Kind Regards, and thanks.

Philip Neale

One thought on “Author: Neal James

  1. Rocking the Neal James. A great guy, and he writes great stuff. I do strongly suggest following his works, they're great. And that's not just me saying that because I designed and appear on the cover to 'Two Little Dicky Birds'. :)And I totally agree with 'write about what you know'. There was a quote of something to that affect in the Katherine Hepburn version of 'Little Women' that has stuck with me since childhood. It really does ring true.

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