Example Author Interview: Amy Miles

Author: Amy Miles
Book Name: Defiance Rising
E-book Price: $1.89
Book Price: $13.99
Available at: Amazon Kindle, Barnes and Nobles and Smash Words
Author Reviews: “What a great book, once started I couldn’t put it down.  I can’t wait for the next two books in the trilogy.  This is not just for teenagers as I’m in my fifties.” – A Kindle Reader
Book Description:  Eighteen-year-old Illyria Anderson has found the one thing she desires most.  But choosing him will bring about Earth’s destruction. 
A Darkness is growing within Illyria’s soul, threatening to assume control of her mind and her unstable powers.  The sinister thoughts that flash before her eyes are filled with images too brutal to put into words.  For a normal person this wouldn’t be a problem.  Popping a few pills before heading to a weekly counseling session would be enough to control the insanity, but Illyria isn’t normal.  She’s not even sure she’s human.  The only thing she is sure of is that she’s dangerous.
Bastien Lewis, a sinfully handsome stranger, is the only person who can bring Illyria back from the brink of destruction as she struggles to control her powers.  He’s the only one that isn’t afraid of her or the Darkness that threatens to unleash its devastating power on the universe.  But being near him is almost more than Illyria can bear when she learns that her destiny does not lie with Bastien, but with another.  Illyria must decide if her love for Bastien is worth giving up everything, even if the price to be paid is Earth’s enslavement.
How would you describe Defiance Rising?  It’s a tale of one teenage girl’s journey of self-discovery, self-sacrifice and learning the ultimate meaning to love. 
Which character is your favorite?  I’m torn between two.  Illyria Anderson is my main character so I worked really hard to develop her.  Although she’s struggling to understand the changes going on within her, Illyria’s pain and fears are genuine.  I didn’t want a weak leading girl.  I wanted someone who would do the right thing even if it cost her everything.  She will gain more confidence in herself throughout the following two books and in the end she will become the strong leader she was born to be.     
            But I’d have to say Bastien Lewis is my favorite.  He’s sexy, witty and most of all…he’s willing to sacrifice his desires for Illyria.  What girl doesn’t want a guy whose love runs that deep?  Plus, much of his personality traits and sarcasm were based off of my own husband.  So I gotta have a soft spot for Bastien!
How did you come up with the idea for Defiance Rising?  I’ve found that dreams can be an amazing source of ideas for books.  Defiance Rising came from a dream that stuck with me so strongly that I can still, to this day, remember every detail of it.  I was able to live within my main character, feeling what she felt, seeing what she saw.  By the time I sat down to write the book I was already in love with the hauntingly beautiful book laid out before me.  It pretty much wrote itself.
Is this your first published novel?  Defiance Rising is my debut teen fantasy/science fiction novel.  I am currently working on the second book in the trilogy, Relinquish. 
How did you plan out your book?  I know all of the writing books tell you that you need to outline, outline, outline but that just isn’t how I work.  For me, the book just flows out.  My fingers type what’s in my heart and mind, writing exactly how I would want to read the book.  I’ve tried to write according to an outline but it feels forced, and it end up reading the same way.
            It’s not until after the rough draft is done that I go back and do the outline to make sure that I tied up all of the threads throughout the book.  I don’t want to leave anything hanging around unfinished so I do tidy it up before moving on to the editing stage. 
Why did you choose to self-publish?  I knew my book wasn’t the popular thing at the moment.  I didn’t write about Vampires, Werewolves, Angels or any of the other fantasy themes you see flooding the market.  I didn’t want to spend years waiting for my book to finally be chosen from the slush pile.  So I decided to give self publishing a try. 
            The best part about self-publishing is that I have complete control over my book.  I was able to have my talented sister-in-law, Sally Miles, create my book cover.  I could pick my own price and set it low enough that people can easily afford to enjoy a few hours of reading.  And I was finally able to achieve my goal of being a published author. 
            I write because it’s what I love to do.  I want to share that passion with other people and hope they can enjoy what I’ve written.  My goal isn’t to get rich overnight…I want long term readers who will look forward to the next book.  Being a writer isn’t what I do; it’s who I am.
How did it make you feel to become an author?  To be honest, I think I was in shock.  My husband was standing over my shoulder, waiting impatiently for me to push the submit button, but I couldn’t.  All those years of waiting and wishing had finally come down to that one last moment.  I wanted to savor it.  Every second I’d spent agonizing over my book rushed back in and I wanted to bask in the knowledge that I’d finally done it!
            Two and a half years of blood, sweat and tears were finally coming to life.  I was over the moon but definitely biting my nails from the stress, wondering what people would think about my book.  I’d had good reviews from friends and family that had previewed it, but that’s completely different than strangers.  I wanted brutally honest answers, but I feared them as well.  It’s tough.  You want to grow as a writer but also hope that others will love your book as much as you do. 
What advice would you give to someone looking into self-publishing?  There is a great story in every writer, you just have to believe in yourself and follow your dream.  I believe that everyone is given a gift, and if you go through life not using it then you’ll have this empty void that will never be filled.  I know that’s how it was with me.  But not any more.  With self publishing my dream became a reality.
            Even if you’re on the fence about having an e-reader, go ahead and buy a Kindle.  I’m the type that’s a die hard, book in hand kind of gal, but when my husband bought me a Kindle for our anniversary I instantly fell in love.  In fact I delayed editing my book for an entire week while I read three books on it!  But looking back, without having that intimate knowledge of how an e-reader worked, I’d never have been able to help some of my friends and family download my book.  It’s totally worth the investment…and it’s a great conversation starter!
Author Bio:  Amy Miles lives in Southern Illinois with her husband and son, and is a proud stay-at-home mom.  When she’s not writing, Amy can be found goofing off with family, cuddled up on the couch with a good book, or helping to renovate her home.  Amy is currently working on her upcoming book Relinquish, the second book in her Defiance Rising Trilogy that will be available Fall 2011. 


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  1. I have ordered the proof copy of my book to look it over and then it will be available on Create Space as a soft back copy. I will let you know once it's up and running. But if you'd like to read it on your computer you can always download the Kindle reader onto your laptop or there are apps for phones and ipads as well.

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