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Featuring Netherworld, Hollow Earth and Isle of Glass

A completed trilogy for those who love a little action, romance and adventure in their mythological tales.

Humans and banshees were never meant to see each other, let alone fall in love. When Devlin crosses over the veil into the Netherworld, he is transported into a world that runs parallel with his own and invisible to his kind. Here, banshees and reapers rule the land, ushering the dead to the Isle of Glass while keeping the evil lorcan soul suckers in Hollow Earth where they belong. When the wall breaks and lorcan spill into Netherworld, his banshee love, Taryn, and the reaper, Prince Aed, will stop at nothing to save their people. But at what cost? Will love survive or will the safety of Taryn’s people cancel them out?  Fantasy meets romance in this three-book saga. Cross over the veil.