Young Adult Fantasy Books

The Arotas Series

Forbidden 3dreckonin 3dredemption 3dEvermore 3d

The Rising Trilogy

Defiance Rising 3dRelinquish 3dVengeance 3d

Zombie High Chronicles

Zombie High 3d

Obsidian Flames

Obsidian Flames 3d

Adult Fantasy Books

The Immortal Rose Trilogy

Desolate 3dSavage 3dRefuge 3d

The Withered Series

Wither 3dResurrect 3dAffliction 3d

The Hallowed Realms Trilogy

Netherworld 3d

Adult Romance


Jasp 3-d

Waiting on Us

WAiting on Us 3d

A Love Restored

A Love restored 3d

In Your Embrace

In Your Embrace 3d


Children’s Books

The Trickster 3dThe Ruby Eye 3d

Inspiration Books

Nailed It 3dBlogged That 3d