The Black Hat Sorority Series

Once Upon a WitchONCE UPON A WITCH

Book 1 of the Black Hat Sorority


A rivalry has been passed down from warlock to witch through the centuries at Windsor University, home of the secret Black Hat Sorority. Each prank seems harmless enough until a mascot turns up dead and all fingers point to the uppity hotties of the Sigma Phi fraternity.

When four freshman witches take it upon themselves to uphold sorority honor, without coven approval, they devise the ultimate prank.

A teaspoon of revenge.

A ladleful of lust.

A cauldron of mischief.

When their love potion goes horribly wrong, and the captain of the lacrosse team turns into a smelly, shedding werewolf, they must work alongside their mortal enemies to save their skins before the coven leaders discover that the Sigma Phi guys aren’t exactly as human as they appear.

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If the Broom FitsIF THE BROOM FITS

Book 2 of the Black Hat Sorority Series


Mayhem continues to abound at Windsor University as Seraphina and her friends discover that their love potion mishap has spread much farther than they realized. With the coven starting to grow suspicious and another blatant sacrifice landing on the front door step of the Black Hat Sorority, the girls will band together with the Sigma Phi guys once again in an attempt to discover who is behind these malicious attacks.

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Book 3 of the Black Hat Sorority Series


Just when the Black Hat Sorority thought things might get back to normal, as normal as it can be when you are a coven of witches amongst “plain Jane” college students, Seraphina and her friends discover one of their own has gone missing. When a ransom note is nailed to their front door they know things have gone too far. An unlikely alliance is struck with the Sigma Phi guys and with a fall girl in place to cover their tracks, the Black Hat Sorority goes to war.

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Toil and RuneTOIL AND RUNE

Book 4 of the Black Hat Sorority Series


Faced with the loss of two friends and the knowledge that a rogue warlock sect is out for their blood, Seraphina and her friends band together in the search for magicks far beyond any they have used before. With the support of their Sigma Phi allies, the Black Hat Sorority girls will dig deep and risk everything to save their coven, and their home.

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