One of the things I love most about my life isn’t being an author. Weird thing to say, huh? But it’s the truth. I love heading into a writing cave with a new story idea and watching it unfold, but the real magic in my life happens outside of that cave.

In years gone by, when most authors went the traditional publishing route because that was all that was available to them, we got very few insights into who they were as people. Since the boom of indie publishing, readers have been given an amazing view into authors thoughts, aspirations, quirks and more through social media. It’s a great opportunity to see authors are real people and I’m about as down to earth as they come.

For me and my family, we like a simple life. I enjoy cooking and baking from scratch. I find peace and relaxation in yoga, golfing and gardening. I am an aspiring urban homesteader with a new brood of baby chicks to be mommy to and so many skills to learn along the way. I spend my spare time researching homemade cleaners, gardening tips and new ways to use the land that we have to benefit our family.

Being an author can be very stressful. Deadlines are always looming. Social media never sleeps. Emails pile up. Events need to be planned and traveled to. Marketing is never done. The list goes on and on. Over the past four years of my writing career, I have learned a very hard yet crucial lesson: I am not superwoman nor do I want to keep trying to be.

I get stressed, worn down, sick and start to hate my work when I allow the writing world to consume me. When my time scale shifts to an unhealthy tilt toward work and I lose out on the important life aspects of family, then I know things need to change. I spent a lot of time on social media and see the same warning signs in so many of my peers.

So this page, if you want to pull up a chair and explore, is going to be my posts about me: my ramblings, things I learn, mistakes I make, recipes I love, gardening woes and triumphs and I’m sure I’ll share a picture or two of my adorable chicks. Yes, I’m a chicken lady. It’s official.

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