Gives me the creeps

Have you ever done research for something you are working on- for school, work or writing in general- that gives you the creeps?  I’ve got them right now.

There is a part of my upcoming book, RECKONING, that delves into the mystery surrounding the Hellfire Club in London.   Some hold to the belief that this was a satanic worshiping cult.  Others claim that it was just a gentlemen’s club that was a bit eccentric.  And then others believe, somewhere in the middle, there are some paranormal events that still transpire today.

There is great mystery that surround the Hellfire Club tunnels that burrow into the heart of West Wycombe, Buckinghamshire.  This is one of the biggest reasons why I wanted to throw in my own ideas of what could have been.

Want to know a little secret?  I’ve been there. 

Oh yes.  Only a few years ago, my future husband thought it would be great fun to take his American girlfriend to see the Hell Fire Club. Boy was I in for a treat!  That place was seriously creepy…with a capital C.  If I can dig them up, I will post images that I took while down in the tunnels.  Demonic faces carved right into the stone.  The sort of place that made you look over your shoulder and wonder what’s following you.

So…as I’m using this personal experience in my new book, I am relieving the feelings that I experienced while on my journey into the legendary cult/club.

Have you ever done anything of the sort and later used it as inspiration for your work?

Not my picture but I remember seeing a couple of these.

2 thoughts on “Gives me the creeps

  1. There are tons of way my real life seeps into what I write, but in very subtle ways. One almost exact experience was in Pulled. When the got on the stage to look at their faces under the stage lights.

    1. I thought some of your theater background would have to play a part in Pulled. You sure went into detail on things that the average Joe (me!) wouldn’t know.

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