Arotas Box set is live!




Have you had a chance to read all three of my Arotas books? Forbidden, Reckoning and Redemption are now available as a 3 book set for only $0.99 for a limited time only.

Make sure you grab a copy from ibooks today or gift one to your friends :)

Once this sale ends the box set will go up to it’s normal price of $4.99

Order a copy now from Apple iBooks

Entire Arotas Series for less than $2


amybookset copy (1)Right now is a prime time to try out my entire Arotas Series for less than $2.

Forbidden, Reckoning and Redemption are available for pre-order (releases tuesday the 11th) for $0.99 for a limited time only at ibooks.  For those of you who do not own Apple products, the box set will be available on all other platforms on Feb 26th .

Evermore, the novella companion novel is available for pre-order via ibooks as well.  It will release on ibooks on Feb 25th and on all other platforms on March 12th.

All 4 books for less than $2.  This is a limited time only sale so make sure you grab evermore_front (1)a copy of both before the box set goes back to it’s normal price of $4.99

Link to buy your copy of the Arotas Box set: iBooks Trilogy set

Link to buy your copy of Evermore: iBooks novella



Here’s a sample of what’s to come from EVERMORE, releasing Valentine’s Day.


Gabriel grins as he rubs his neck where Sadie hung off him.  “Nice to know I have been missed.”

“Oh, my gosh,” Sadie gasps.  “You have no freakin’ clue how depressed Roseline has been.  She didn’t eat, wouldn’t speak to me and she wore the same outfit for four days in a row!”

Roseline laughs as Gabriel glances down at her clothes.  “Not these clothes.”

“You know, I thought I smelled something funny.” He squeezes her hand and then looks back at Sadie.  “So she was a wreck without me?”

“We’re talking a one hundred car train derail right in the middle of New York City during rush hour kind of bad.  Fires.  Screaming.  Oh, the horror!”  Sadie throws her arm dramatically over her face.

“I wasn’t that bad,” Roseline protests but she knows no one believes her.

Gabriel raises her hand to his lips.  His gaze loving as he smiles against the back of her hand.  “I love you too.”